Les Fins Becs Hot Buffet Menu

Simply Amazing Food

For Les Find Becs Hot Buffet, when your event calls for a continuous feast of nibbles, our exclusive hot buffet selection stands unparalleled. Featuring a lineup of beloved classics, Les Find Becs is committed to serving exceptionally fresh and scrumptious hot buffet-style hors d’oeuvres, crafted with the utmost quality standards. Trust in the excellence of every bite your guests savor, knowing that our hot buffet offerings are prepared with care and precision to delight every palate.

Avada Caterer
Quality Food. Exceptional Service. Undeniable Passion.

“We wanted to let you guys know how extremely happy we were with the food and the service that was provided. Our guests kept raving about how delicious the food was!!!
Thank you so so so much for the exceptional service and the amazing quality of the food provided. You guys gave us exactly what we wanted and we could not be happier.”
 ~ Kelsey and Anthony

Quality catering services in Eastern Ottawa from Les Fins Becs

Surpassing expectation since 2007

What’s Included In Our Hot Buffets

• Potatoes and rice
• String beans
• Two choices of meat/mains (see options menu)
• Chef salad and pasta salad
• Deviled eggs platter
• Carrots, celery, pickles, olives
• St-Albert cheese platter
• Bread and butter
• Dessert (mixed squares)

Tea and Coffee

* Minimum of 20 persons*
** 15% service fee may apply**

• Hip of beef sliced on site
• 2 additional choices of meat (see options menu)
• Scalloped potatoes
• Rice
• Carrots
• String beans
• Assorted charcuterie platter
• Salads : Greek pasta, Broccoli salad and Caesar salad
• Deviled egg platter
• Veggie platter and dip
• Pickles, olives
• St-Albert cheese platter
• Horseradish and mustard (hip of beef condiments)
• Bread and butter
• Desserts (mixed squares)

Tea and coffee

* Minimum of 30 persons*
** 15% service fee may apply**

• Spaghetti & Meatballs or Lasagna
• Pickles & Olives
• Parmesan & Chili peppers
• Veggie & Dip platter
• Caesar salad (depending on availability)
• Bread and butter
• Dessert (cake)

* garlic bread add 1$*
** Minimum of 20 persons
** 15% service fee may apply**

• Cream cheese stuffed giant pasta shells covered with Tuscan sauce
• Polpettes (Meatballs) in Pomodoro sauce
• Chicken Marsala
• Parmesan coated asparagus
• Garlic pasta
• Garlic mashed potatoes
• Cesar Salad
• Tomato & Mozzarella slices
• Italian pasta salad
• Antipasto platter
• Bread & butter
• Dessert: Tiramisu & Canolis

** Minimum of 30 persons
** 15% service fee may apply**